About Triulzi


Family passion

A family company for a global business. A professional staff that listens to you and is attentive to your requirements. An updated team with a passion for every project and that always gives their best. We are pragmatic, receptive and direct: our company is not hierarchical and we are committed to responding to our customers in the shortest time possible. We believe in people and in transparent relationships that last; people come first, the facts and figures later.

A story between creativity and technology



After initial work experience, Cesare Triulzi decided on his entrepreneurial destiny with the 500 thousand lire received from his father. In 1952 in Bovisio Masciago he founded Triulzi, the first company in Italy that handcrafts automatic washing machines. The glass washers and dryers quickly became popular at all the glassworks, from north to south. The workshop began to grow, thanks also to the first orders received from abroad.



The reputation of pioneer and inventor of glass washing and drying machines is spreading across Europe and the world. Mr. Cesare personally participates in the most important world fairs, bringing, first among all, the "made in Italy" to the international markets. Milan, Paris, Moscow, Washington, Düsseldorf... everywhere, Triulzi machines collect interest and appreciation . Requests come from the market to expand the range of products, introducing new functions and automatic operations.



Production expands and the company moves to Limbiate, in the current, larger and more functional spaces. New machines, which become reference points, are designed and built, such as the mirror conveyor. And once again, Triulzi is the first in Italy to manufacture the laminating machine for glass: a concentrate of technology, innovation and reliability that travels around the world and helps open up new markets.



These are years of great satisfaction for Triulzi. The company is now structured and present with its products all over the world; the network of agents and representatives is also consolidated. Mr. Cesare has been rewarded for his efforts and commitment over the years by receiving an award from the Milan Chamber of Commerce: the gold medal for merits related to the export of "made in Italy" products to the world. An official recognition that confirms the company's creative and technological attitude. New models are made: Toscana, Mini and Jumbo.



These are years of transformation and new entries into the company. The new Triulzi generation enters the team with enthusiasm, ideas and skills, helping to optimize the organizational structure, increasingly projected towards foreign markets. In the meantime, Mr. Cesare receives two honorary certificates in the United States and France. But nobody rests on their laurels. In fact, to meet the demands of the photovoltaic sector, machines are made for solar panels (and, subsequently, a real dedicated division). The model for the automatic process of etched glass is also built.



Always attentive to the evolution of the markets and customer problems, Triulzi manufactures the talc machine for the automotive sector, one of the most demanding in terms of both performance and quality. But attention also shifts to other application sectors such as construction and interiors. Meanwhile, the participation in international fairs continues, from Russia to China, from Brazil to India: the company is looked upon with respect by the industry giants.



Thanks to the unchanged pioneering spirit and to the inexhaustible creativity that have accompanied Triulzi by birth, we constantly bring innovative solutions to the market, like the ultrasonic bath, which uses the efficiency of nanotechnologies for a washing perfection never achieved so far, and the washing machine for curved glass. This confirms that the new generation at the helm of Triulzi inherited the best by those who founded it more than sixty years ago.


Our tomorrow is today

Innovation is in our DNA. And our gaze is always turned to the new challenges of the market. We are already working on projects that will soon become standard worldwide. The future has just begun.

Research and development

More than 60 years of innovation

Research and development

This is how we summarise our history that boasts repeated innovation and is driven by strong inventiveness. A passion passed on to us by the founder, Cesare Triulzi, and which is a value shared by everyone in the company. We have always invested resources in Research and Development and we are receptive to new technologies applied in other sectors. Many innovations stem from the collaboration with customers. In this way our know-how increases together with their business. We always seek to improve ourselves: we enjoy experimenting and identifying brilliant solutions that anticipate the future. This attitude encourages us to collaborate with prestigious universities such as the Milan Polytechnic, hosting engineering students for lengthy work experience assignments.

Design, production and personalization

Tried and tested transparent quality

Design, production and personalization

Our machines wash and dry perfectly. So perfectly in fact that the glass inspected with special lamps reveals no imperfection or treatment residue: an essential and necessary condition to continue further work with the certainty of maximizing performance. Our internal organization and the external chain of suppliers (selected according to strict standards of reliability) ensure complete control over quality: from the source of materials to certification of the components, from installation to final testing. Moreover, thanks to a new generation of management, our customers are able to personally check the status of production progress.